Who is Aazaad???

Aazaad is not merely a name of a filmmaker or a human being, but a thought meant to be free. Aazaad is free from all types of boundaries. A creative soul nurtured by Sanatan culture and traditions. His sole purpose and aim is to reestablish the purity of art through cinematic recreation and to include the eternal elements of Bharat in the Indian movies.

Aazaad, a student of military school who maintains, preach and practice strict discipline in his personal and professional life. Apart from being a creative soul, Aazaad is a researcher and an original thinker, who has been researching since years to explore the Sanatan culture and traditions. After completing his studies Aazaad went to an excursion across the length and breadth of the country. Aazaad had a quest to know Bharat since his childhood. Aazaad came to the very conclusion which is against the popular and traditional belief that cinema is the mirror of the society. No, it’s not true, its half-truth. The absolute truth is that society is the mirror of the cinema today. Cinema guides or misguides in every incident good or bad. In the past cinema used to inspire for the good, but today most of the criminal acts are designed, performed and inspired by films. Social and moral values are degenerating drastically only because of filthy sex culture in films.

Aazaad, as he strongly believes that a great medium of creation like cinema has been polluted by the so called dream merchants in the name of commercial compulsions. Audience is feeling cheated and frustrated as healthy entertainment seems to be the dream of the past. It’s like a disgusting experience for the civilized family audience to watch a movie with the family. The ticket rates are going sky high but the content is infected by vulgarity. It’s a common belief of the so called contractors of art and culture that only sex sells today. Sex and vulgarity plays the most crucial and decisive part for the success of a film. Aazaad objects strongly and feels that the audience is also tired of such horrific and baseless arguments. To entertain and enlighten the comprehensive audience Aazaad wants to make his own path of creativity.

For the great cause and need of the hour to reinforce nationalism and boost up cultural nationalism Aazaad has created Azad Army. Azad Army is a confraternity of nationalist offspring of mother Bharti, who is bound to discharge their ultimate soulful duties for virtuous remembrance and valuation of the forgotten and unsung hero of this land of the gods – Azad. Bharat is not merely a piece of land but an eternal culture and journey of freedom.

हिमालयं समारभ्य यावत् इंदु सरेावरम् |

तं देवनिर्मितं देशं हिंदुस्थानं प्रचक्षते ||

Starting from Himalayas and extending up to Indian Ocean is the nation created by God which is known as ‘Bharat’. Himalayan ranges including Hindukush parvat on Western side and the ranges extending up to North Myanmar (Brahmadesh) on the Eastern side formed the Northern Boundary of ancient Bharat. This land extended up to the Indian Ocean on the Southern side.

This is the sacred land where God took Birth from time to time and recreated and established the social structure. After the slavery of centuries, this Sanatan Bharat became the land of habitual slaves in many ways. In spite of political freedom, the motherland is far away from the actual and total freedom. Once in the history, in the British ruled India warriors of freedom like Pandit Ramprasad Bismil and Ashfqulla Khan established the Hindustan Republican Association later after their supreme sacrifice Chandrashekhar Azad along with Bhagat Singh and others reestablished the organization as Hindustan Socialist Republican Army (HSRA) to counter the odds in a more effective way. Today in this Sanatan Bharat, the Sanatanis are in a state of endangered species. The soulless, shameless, the permanent slave community, the anti-Sanatani brigade has waged war against the Sanatanis and trying to prove and name them as communal. This country of Sanatanis should be free from the invisible chains of slavery created by so called seculars and pseudo intellectuals and announce in loud and clear voice that we are free… we all are Aazaad…

Now the war between devas and asuras has already started under the command of military school student and a Sanatani by heart and soul Aazaad, Azad Army has been established to counter all odds and impediments of a living society. The final evocation by the commander in chief Aazaad for the Sanatani and Nationalist Bharatvanshis to save the Sanatan Bharat from the clutches of dictated slavery –
उत्तिष्ठ युद्धस्व भारत: |

Along with Azad Army Aazaad also launched a cultural nationalistic revolution Azadi with Aazaad. Aazaad’s very purpose is to restore and recreate the Sanatan culture. This movement called Azadi with Aazaad has the ambition to promote Sanatan culture and awareness among the twenty first century students. We are living in this information technology era but it is very sad to understand that after independence due to political conspiracy we forgot the glory of our golden past. In search of the lost glory, Aazaad toured across the country and done comprehensive research work to reestablish the Sanatan culture. For the past seventy years, students of this country are forced to read misleading, derogatory history. They have been kept under the patronage of political conspiracy. Due to the formation of false mahatmas, the country’s great revolutionary and talented people, sages, warriors, thinkers and social reformers have been forgotten and dumped in the darkness of selfish politics. Only our apathy should be blamed for forgetting the country’s precious heritage. The youth of this twenty first century is in the mood of change. The deeper the roots will be, the development of the tree will be. The consequences of making Sanatan Bharat to India is in front of everyone. The real lords, the inheritor of the country has been made refuge in its own house. In the name of education what the students are getting? Only literacy. This is the moment of renaissance. In the darkness of politics, the country’s happiness is lost. To awaken the consciousness of the students towards the nation, to existent Mother Bharati again, to upgrade and elevate, and to acquire freedom from slavery and burden imposed by the so called destiny makers since seventy years Aazaad has taken the responsibility. The aim of the mission is to acquaint the youth, the students with their past glory, their nationalistic pride. Aazaad has started this movement Azadi with Aazaad from the so called platform of the antinational JNU with great fanfare and support from the nationalist students. Now the campaign Azadi with Aazaad is fast moving forward to communicate directly with the students in all the major universities of the country. The student will be able to feel the very essence of independence with Aazaad. The time has come to be Free from the burden of historical and existential untruth, to be liberated from appeasement politics, and from inferiority complex of being in the majority. Come, welcome to this Great War for identity and existence of Sanatan Bharat. Experience the deathlessness.

Aazaad writes Aazaad acts Aazaad directs for cinema. Aazaad thinks  Aazaad speaks  Aazaad fights and Aazaad dreams for the nation. A new chapter of creation is being written on the silver screen by Aazaad.

A new Sanatan BHARAT is emerging on the horizon in the dreams of Aazaad.

As Aazaad has a very strong sense of realisation that the cinema is a universal phenomenon and cinema is a different world in itself. Aazaad is going to hit the silver screen with his magnum opus “RASHTRAPUTRA”. A cinematic creation based on the life and times of the greatest revolutionary ever Chandrashekhar Azad. This creation will showcase what Azad was and what it is to follow his footsteps. Aazaad has a strong conviction that Rashtraputra is beyond any specific region and time frame. Rashtraputra is the ultimate answer to all the major problems humanity is facing. Aazaad has made “RASHTRAPUTRA” in 26 National and Foreign languages with a sole purpose and whole-hearted intention is to reestablish the past glory of the motherland that is Bharat. Bharat was the world guru in the past and will be the world guru and the ultimate hope for the future very soon. Aazaad wants to break barriers and boundaries of languages and to establish a cinematic world. The national and international audience can enjoy his movies in their own languages. Aazaad feels that the whole universe is one family. The eternal vision of our great sages ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam’